God bless YOU. A couple months ago I asked you to send me your #1 prayer request. Over the years, the top prayer need I receive is often for a wayward child or grandchild.

A long-term friend of mine named Linda Stone has a ministry that focuses on “praying for prodigals”. We had breakfast recently, and I asked her if she would tell you part of her story and give you some prayer tips.

If this isn’t for you, perhaps you know someone who could use Linda’s insights on this important issue.

Praying the Prodigals Back to the Father
By Linda Stone


For many years I had prayed over the wayward children of several families. In January 2018, the Lord specifically called me to “pray the prodigals back to the Father”. I began with 5-6 families, and now I pray for over 140, and it continues to grow!

Most of these prodigals were raised Christian. The ‘Parable of the Lost Son’ as Jesus shared in Luke 15:11-24, is about the Prodigal Son returning to the Father, and the Father receiving him back with open arms!

Here are my prayer points from the Lord, that guide me:

  • Praying them back to Father God.
  • Praying to a place of total surrender to Jesus.
  • Praying against the spirit of seduction.
  • Praying down deception, to come back to their senses (many are suicidal).
  • Praying God makes them miserable in their sin.
  • Praying for those who think they do not need God or Jesus.

I have prayed for several who have been suicidal, and have prayed that they will choose life (from Deuteronomy 30:19-20). One prodigal who I am very close to has been saved from suicide at least twice in the last 4 years.

A precious young woman who pulled away from her family and the Lord was drawn into pansexual relationships. This broke her parents’ heart and caused division between her parents and siblings. Through prayer and standing with these parents for restoration, this young woman has begun returning to her family, and healing has begun. We continue praying her back to the Father!

I encourage you to not give up in prayer. Take time each day to pray. Your perseverance will be rewarded!

Linda is an intercessor, prayer warrior, and watchman on the wall. She leads four email Prayer Chains, and is a prayer partner with a ministry in Chicago, IL, that reaches out to teens at risk.

I hope this strengthened you. If you have a prayer point that you find helpful, would you please share it with us in the comment section?

In His Love and mine,




Kathleen Dillard