To Order Warrior Arise:

Today I’m giving you an early look at my new devotional, “Warrior Arise.” It’s been years in the making, may you be strengthened.

Your prayers scare the devil. It interrupts his plans to kill, steal and destroy. It holds him back and pushes him out. When you get serious about prayer the devils going to tell you, ‘hey, don’t waste your time. Your prayers can’t do much.’ This is a lie. Don’t listen. Your prayer dispatches help from heaven. It goes directly into my ear. I reward prayer. And send angels. I lay hold of people bent on destruction and pluck them out of the lion’s jaws. Your prayers release light into dark places. Your prayers release dreams into forsaken situations. Your prayers set up divine encounters with me. Intercepts depression with hope. Turns away disease with my healing touch. Calms the storms of anger. And brings peace to anxiety. Come. Join me in the house of prayer. I am there. Come lift your voice, for there are, ‘Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision. For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.’ Come, let us run together in prayer.