Hello my friend,

As you and I are getting ready to ease into phase one of reopening from the pandemic, it would be wise to add some prayer. I’ve started with 5 top targets, however you may know other issues that need urgent prayer in this phase, so feel free to leave a comment.

Phase 1: Reopening

5 Prayer Targets

1. Pray for: Small businesses to flourish. Even if it’s only online. Small businesses are the backbone of every community. May the backbone be healthy and strong.

2. Pray for: Controlled re-entry. We are ready to get going. Especially after all of the days in quarantine. But re-entry needs to GO SLOW. Pray for this.

3. Pray for: Compliance to guidelines. This may vary in different locations, but ask for divine help so each of us will be diligent to follow the rules.

4. Pray for: Medical personnel. Many of them have been through trauma and are beyond tired.
– Ask God for a special shield around them and their families.
– Ask for access to all medical supplies needed.
– For love and good deeds to flow into their lives from the communities they are serving.
– And for the support structure they need at home and on the job.

5. Pray for: Unity between State and local leaders. The pandemic has been rough on everyone, pray for an ease and cooperation in relationships that will enable progress.

Prayer is a battle for full grown men and women, fully armed and awake to the possibilities of grace. Leonard Ravenhill

Pray Now:
Lord we come together and ask for Your blessing over our people as we step into the first phase of reopening. We ask that everyone will be mindful about following the guidelines and help us take a pace that will be life giving and life saving. Please pour out supernatural strength on all the medical personnel on the frontlines of this pandemic and give supercharged wisdom to the hospital administrators. May our State and local leaders find a rhythm as they hammer out policies that will create progress, and let Your divine Peace Lord Jesus be poured out over all us all.”



“You who answer prayer, to you all people will come.” – Psalm 65:2


Together, we can.


P.S. Resource for You:
– You can use this powerful song as a prayer over your region: God of this City, Chris Tomlin

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