Did you know 1 in 5 people have lost their jobs in America? You might be one of them (and there is a prayer for you below, so be sure to catch that). The unemployment is staggering. An ‘economic revival’ is exactly what we need.

In order to have a chance at an economic revival you and I will need to pray. The situation demands us to walk out the motto on our money, “in God we trust”. Without supernatural power released through your prayers the efforts of experts will not be enough to fix things in time.

You who answer prayer, to You all people will come.
– Psalm 65:2

Prayer Targets:

Pray for: The 2 economic recovery task forces who are hard at work. Wisdom from heaven, unity, and creativity to construct new opportunities. Pray!

Pray for: Small businesses that need help getting back on their feet. It’s going to take a resurrection in many cases. And a reinventing of skills and services. Tough. But not impossible. Pray!

Pray for: Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. Job creation. People need to work. People want to work. May there be adequate open doors. And creative reconfiguring of existing resources. Pray.

Pray for: Manufacturing of goods and medicines in America. A resurgence of ‘Made in America’, with policies that release incentive. Pray.

If you need a job here’s a prayer for you, listen in:

Pray for those who have lost jobs or are struggling during this time


Can you pray for these targets 1 minute a day for the rest of this month?

Most of us know someone who is out of work. Or is struggling due to a cut in work hours. When you pray for them include one or two of these prayer targets.

There is a lot of need right now, and God’s ears are open to your prayers.


With you before His throne,


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