Dear friend,

Hello. We are just days away from launching Prophetic4U. And I am so excited.

I’ve been doing prophetic work for over 35 years. Many have called me an, “Ice breaker and way maker.” And 1000’s of lives have been impacted in profound ways, including pastors, ministry leaders, pre-believers and those working in business and government.

When God speaks something happens. Things are created and strongholds bow down.

In this uncertain season with the pandemic, social unrest, millions struck by joblessness it can seem like the ocean waves are crashing around you…however hearing from God can:

- Keep you buoyant.
- Give you a compass.
- Plant a seed of hope in your heart.
- Ignite something new.
- Give you courage.

Or it could just be a great confirmation of what you’re already hearing.

So, subscribe.

And get your friends to subscribe too.

Let’s spread some good news around.

In His love and mine,


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