God is calling you into a deep connection with Him in the place of prayer. Prayer is not just about us sending up all our requests; it’s really about connection – a personal encounter with the Lord. There is always another level higher and deeper to go in prayer that the Lord wants you to experience in ways that you haven’t yet.

Prayer is also Jesus’ ministry. He “lives to make intercession on behalf of the saints.” That’s you!

When we go and really connect with Him in intercession, He will tell us secrets. He will enable us, by His grace, to affect the outcome of things. It’s very exciting to partner with the Lord in prayer.

Some say that prayer is what you do before the battle, while some say that prayer IS the battle. I believe that prayer is the hinge on the door of God’s power. So when you’re seeking to see His power opened and released, go into prayer.

It is a joy to pray. I’ve seen so many miracles happen. So many faces and places absolutely transformed, because our God is a God who hears our prayers and He also rewards our prayers.

Ask the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of your heart into a visceral, tangible, transformative encounter with Him in prayer.

Come Holy Spirit. Come Dear presence of Jesus. Grant us a literal encounter with You in the place of prayer. Breathe on us. Thank you for this baptism in Jesus’ name.