Dear Friend,

I was going through the archives of Word of the Week and found this gem for you:
Take a minute to listen to this encouraging word on God’s purpose for your life:

May your life be filled with God’s power and purpose as you enter the fall season.

Recently I asked you to send in your #1 need for prayer. Me and my staff prayed for you even if you didn’t send in your request. At the end of this note I’ll share the insights we received during prayer for you.

Carrying each other’s burdens is a vital part of your walk with God. It keeps you spiritually fit. Make time for others. Put your comfort on hold and help someone with their load. Often bearing someone else’s burden is the key to your own breakthrough.

If this touched your heart, why not take some time to look into our insights below and to dig into the WOW archives. Many treasures await you.

In His Love and mine,


Kathleen Dillard

We prayed for you

From Kathleen:

Psalm 139 was my prayer guide for you. Here are other verses handpicked for you: Romans 12:2, Psalm 90, James 1:20, Proverbs 3:5-6, and John 15:15.

The Lord gave this prophetic word: “I have loved you with an everlasting love. Align yourself each day, tune in, refocus yourself under the reality of My care. For you are cocooned by My compassion. Your thoughts, concerns and challenges are beneath My watchful gaze. Nothing escapes My notice or My concern. Lean back before you press on. Drop the weight of your life into My all encompassing hands. And let your face find My face, and soak in My light.

From Nora B:

There are many of you who have faced overwhelming needs. I have asked for wisdom that God has promised to give you (James 1:5). I prayed for peace through the Holy Spirit that was also promised from Jesus (John 14). May you embrace His promises to you, so discouragement can’t take hold. 

    I asked the Lord, “How can we make these promises accessible in our daily lives? What will we do while we wait for answers?"

    He said, “Move.” When the cares of the world beat down on you, don’t ‘reason’ your way through it. Get up and sing, walk in the woods, run, dance, pray out loud. Offer your body as a living, moving sacrifice. Flee despair and fear. Your future is secure, and God will work all things out, regardless if you can see it or not. (Read Isaiah 25:9)

From Ruth R:

My overwhelming sense during prayer was Psalm 34:18 and Psalm 73:28 – He is near to the brokenhearted, and His nearness is our good.

As I prayed over family needs, this encouragement came: May you dive into the many resources available. Remember God IS in the miracle business, and being confident in His love gives you the strength needed to endure. For requests about children: He is the One who removes the veil. He is standing at the door, welcoming them. May we as a body be the light He intends us to be, and a reflection of His calm response to our chaos.