America needs prayer. Many of you are feeling God’s nudge to take this up.
Whatever you do, don’t delay, ignore or respond to Him with a halfhearted focus.

America is going down right now and needs a divine rescue. Your call to prayer is a call to that rescue.

When Leonard Ravenhill was called to America, he came as a missionary from Britain to fan the fires here for a spiritual awakening. When he died in 1994 he said he never saw the revival that he came and laid his life down for.

However through his radical praying, preaching and book writing his life laid a trail of gunpowder that is still waiting for others to come and set ablaze.

If God is calling you to the serious work of prayer for America, I want to encourage you to get Ravenhill’s book, “America is too Young to Die.”

Listen to these words from Ravenhill’s heart,

“For the last fifty years I have watched Great Britain decay during her lingering agony of alternating fits of sanity and of stupefaction. Today England is no longer considered a world power. Most say that she is both morally and spiritually decadent. Must the United States follow her? I pray not. We are considered by most folk to be on the skids. Our dollar is sick. Our morality is sick. At two o’clock one morning a man called me and tearfully sobbed, “Ravenhill, I am just reading Why Revival Tarries, and I found out three things: my Nation is sick, my church is sick, and I am sick.”
These are the last days—how long will they last? God has a remnant. He calls us to battle principalities and powers. “Lead on, O King Eternal,” cleanse us and heal our land.”
—Leonard Ravenhill

Take up God’s call to you today and PRAY for America.


“…tremendous power is released through the passionate, heartfelt prayer of a godly believer!” James5 (passion translation)














In His Love and Mine,


Kathleen Dillard