“ My house will be called a house of prayer for all the nations.
~ Mark 11:17


Dear friend,

For the last year or two I’ve been thinking about God’s house. He described His house as, ‘a house of prayer.’

A house is where you and I have shelter. Dwell. Create. Cook. Fellowship.

A house is also where you and I add our personal design statement. You will know I like things clean when you step into my house. I like light. The ocean. Comfortable places to sit. And peace.

The reality is the moment you step into someone’s house, you get to know them better. You experience where they live.

Now God describes His house to you and me as a house of prayer. And I can envision it having big windows because the prayer focus is for ALL the nations.

Think about it.

He says, “come home and let’s pray together for the nations.”


Could that be His invitation to you and me?

Meet Me At My House and Let's Pray Together

Between you and me, that’s an invitation I don’t plan on missing.

A brief prayer4U:

In His love and mine,


Resources for You:

This is an amazing message. Anointed. And aligns you with God’s power and purpose. Don’t miss this. xo

YoYo Ma’s beautiful cello piece on “Going Home.” Listen and receive peace and strength. xo

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