I love this verse in Psalms, “let all the faithful pray to You while you may be found…” Psalm 32.

It’s time for you to find God in prayer.

Prayer is not an add on or an afterthought. It’s the main event. Prayer is the hinge on the door of God’s power. It’s the place where destines are settled and outcomes are revealed. From here rewards are released and the irresistible influence of heaven bears down on mankind.

You might be at the forefront of the medical battle in hospitals, labs or administration. You may be in law enforcement. You might be standing up as a voice for racial equality. Or helping a loved one struck hard by coronavirus or under the strain of joblessness.

Wherever your story finds you at this time, you and I need to embrace a 911 priority in the prayer room.

“Every Christian should pray at least
one violent prayer every day.”
- Dr Gordon Lindsay

I’m not going to preach to you about prayer.

But I am going to extend a reminder: turn up the flame on your prayer life and turn off the television, radio and social media.

Turn up the flame on your prayer life and turn off the television, radio and social media.

In fact, whatever you’re doing with media outlets and entertainment what if you cut that in half right now and gave the other half to God? What if you tried this for 1 week?

What if?


In His love and mine,


Resources for you:

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- Here is a prophetic dream and real life encounter humbly shared by Pastor Willie Soans. Take a few minutes to listen to Pastor Soans and ask the Lord about what he says.

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- Encouraging worship from Keith Green.


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