Have you ever felt stuck, unable to move forward to make a decision? Let these words wash over you as you step out in faith.

Listen to Your Intuition

First, trust your inner knowing – that still, small voice that guides you to your next step and away from trouble. Listen here:

Pay Attention

Keep your spiritual awareness ON! Keep alert and awake to your surroundings, poised for victory.


Sometimes we just have to ACT. We can wait and listen for the right timing, but when it’s time, it’s TIME. May this word encourage you to step out and step up to what’s next.

It’s His Presence that makes all the difference. My aim here at Word of the Week is to inspire, spark, and invest in your connection with God. Over the next several weeks, I will share collections of the previous Word of the Weeks with you on a specific topic.

May He meet you where you are at NOW!


Kathleen Dillard