“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”
- Edmund Burke

Dear Friend,


I was speaking with a friend in Asia and said, “You know, we as a nation are in trouble.” She said, “NO. You have to pull out of this and do well. A large portion of the world will be impacted if you go down.”
Let’s face it, when the events of life rise up as looming towers it’s easy to feel helpless. Not much more than a pencil dot of insignificance. And that’s just the lie the powers of darkness want you to swallow.

Don’t swallow it. 
Break the inertia of this lie. Take the steps to do what you can. Each act and action you take, affects the outcome.
What can we do?

Here are 3 suggestions for how you can make a powerful contribution in these chaotic days:
1. VOTE. Go. Get it done. (*see article below, 5 things you can do)
2. PRAY. Ask. Seek. Knock. (see prayer list below)
3. OBEY.  Keep yourself aligned with God and ready for Him to inspire you to actions of love and good deeds.
Sending you love and prayers. God sits securely on His throne and His loving eyes are upon you!
I love to hear from you, so, please feel free to share your heart in the comment section below.

In His love and mine,




Prayer List: 

  • Employment Issues: pray for job creation; pray for the unemployed; pray resources are distributed to the right place at the right time; pray for incentives to be given to new businesses; pray for creativity for how to add value to businesses having a hard time.

  • Virus Issues: pray for strained hospital personal caring for this new wave of CoronaVirus patients; pray for sturdy survival rates; pray for a vaccine; pray for government and state leadership can they are faced with making decisions to manage this crisis.
  • Election Issues: pray for clear processing of votes; pray for a clear outcome; pray for a non violent response; pray for all legal oversight to be organized, wise, civil.

Resources for you:

Click the picture for 5 ways to make a difference before election day!

A solid message of encouragement for YOU!

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