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I was speaking at a Christian gathering a couple weeks ago where I shared about the disappointment of Wayne’s death (my late husband).

Most of you reading this knew me when I was a “we” in a wonderful marriage to Wayne Dillard. When he dropped dead on the floor right after his 58th birthday, I thought the Lord might resurrect him. When that didn’t happen and 1000 new decisions rushed to my front door about life, work, the ministry and my broken heart…I was DISAPPOINTED.

And that disappointment lingered. About 1 year into this shift from ‘we’ to ‘me’ I was driving down a highway when the Lord suddenly asked, “Where have you put the disappointment of Wayne’s passing?”

Why this is important is because disappointments will always find a spot to land. The tricky thing is who is carrying the weight and the sting of them?

I thought for a minute and said, “I just shoved it back there somewhere.” Then the Lord said something unexpected, “I want you to put it in a treasure box and place it before Me and watch me beautify this suffering.”

Your disappointment might be life altering, like mine. Or it may be smaller but still real. I’d like to share 5 steps on what to do with disappointment so it doesn’t get the best of you but instead you end up getting the best out of it. Are you ready?

  1. Do not bury your disappointment while it is still stinging inside you. Take time to unpack it before the Lord. And get professional counseling if it’s an extreme case.
  2. God cares for you. Let your heart be exposed to His healing light. Turn on worship music or the audio Bible and rest and receive spiritual watering from this.
  3. Put the weight of your disappointment on God. Don’t carry it. He will. Don’t complain about it. Or worry. Or spin around in fear. Shove the weight of it onto God. He will help you do this.
  4. Our God heals. He may use people or circumstances in the process but He is a healer and He loves you.

    “My flesh and heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” ~Ps. 73:26

  5. He brings beauty from ashes. Whatever disappointment you might be facing, you have a living God who is active on your behalf.

    “You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, that my heart may sing your praises and not be silent.” ~Ps. 30:11-12

I am still on the journey of God bringing beauty from ashes. And I am so grateful that I am not alone.

These are simple steps from my journey. And though they are simple, they are also powerful. Do them.

You are a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven and as such God has created a way for you not only to survive but also (in time) to thrive.

Sending you hugs today and a batch of divine grace if these words are speaking to you.

I’d like to close with a verse from a song:

“Awake my soul to sing, With Your breath in me
I will worship, You taught my feet
To dance upon disappointment
And I, I will worship” ~Amanda Cook, song “Heroes”

In His love and mine,

Kathleen Dillard