“The tide of life pulls so hard on us, we must anchor ourselves in God’s promises.”~Riaan Heyns


Can I ask you a quick question? What is the Bible promise the Lord has given you for 2019? If you don’t have one yet, it is not to late to get one.

Why do you need one? Because it’s easy to get blown off course. As a child I remember long days splashing in the pacific ocean. After 100’s of hours of childhood fun, I walked away with a couple lessons.

One of the lessons is: if you lose track of where your towel is on the beach, the ocean current will nudge you down the coastline until you are lost.

Has this ever happened to you? If it has you know how sudden this shift can take place. And no one enjoys getting lost in the ocean at the beach.

Getting your promise from the Lord for 2019 is like laying your beach towel down on the shoreline. That promise becomes a visual way to keep yourself where you’re supposed to be. Without this the fast moving tides of life are sure to sweep you out of alignment.

However with it, you can navigate the push and pull of life and keep yourself on God’s course to a pathway of impact on planet earth.

I know that you want this and so do I. So, what’s your bible promise(s) for 2019?




Kathleen Dillard