Dear Friend,

God bless you as we move forward into fall. May the Lord meet you in every way that you need at this time in your life.

20 years ago musician M.C. Hammer wrote a song, “Pray.” The chorus of the song is, “we need to pray just to make it today.”

This song is still true today. You & I need to keep the connection with God in prayer. We are designed for walking and talking with Him every day.

This month me and my small staff want to pray for YOU.

Send your #1 prayer request and write it in one sentence. 

Only 1 request and NO longer than 1 sentence.

You can leave it in the comment section of this blog. Or you can send it to:

You will hear back from us next month, when we write you the things the Lord tells us during prayer.

May the Lord make a way for you and bless you.

In His Love and mine,


Kathleen Dillard