When was the last time you thought about eternity? Most people think about it when there’s an emergency.

But it also wouldn’t hurt to think about it when there’s not an emergency. I was speaking to my youngest daughter and we were talking about the work-time-earning-money ratio. And she said, “Mom my most important asset is my time.”

And she’s right. Not only for herself but also for you and me. How are you spending your time? And that’s why thinking about eternity is important. It helps us evaluate the gift of the minutes we are given.

Leonard Ravenhill, who was one of my spiritual father’s, used to say, “This life is a dressing room for eternity- that’s all it is!”

Sometimes when I’m talking to Christian friends who are having a hard time I say, “Hey, you have a one way ticket to heaven. That booking is taken care of. You’re on the way.” That’s usually met with a smile and a sigh of relief. Ah, the ticket out.

However thinking about eternity also helps set our priorities because there are still a lot of folks who don’t have their booking to heaven. Plus there are good works and exploits the Lord has for you to do and a bit of thought about ‘forever’ reminds us to spend our time wisely now.


So, take a minute and



And then say, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.”1Sam.3

In His Love and mine,