Dear friend,

Sending you love and prayers. I hope you are doing well and that your region is making progress in this time of re-opening.

They say the arc of history bends towards justice slowly. And sometimes a slow pace can tip into a sudden acceleration.

That acceleration has been released by the national and global response to the brutal death of George Floyd.

We mourn the unjust death of George Floyd. We grieve for his family. And we uphold them in our prayers.

Floyd’s death has uncovered a crisis of pain that the black community is suffering under. As fellow citizens this is a time to press in and listen.

I have agonized over this and wept some deep tears regarding police brutality and other injustices that need to change. And I am asking God for specific things I can do to be a part of the healing. As well as the steps I can take to make way for the new things that must happen in this season.

This isn’t a ‘blame game,’ this is a moment to recognize the pain of the black community and to move towards each other in prayerfulness, humility, love and a listening ear. And if nothing else, to pray and fast for the success of long term solutions.

Prayer is necessary because any time an issue of justice is the focus, you will always have spiritual warfare. Some of you reading this right now are called to watch over this in intercession. The truth is prayer is the hinge to the door of God’s power. If calling out to God is your role, please drop me a note here:

Tell me what you’re praying for and I’ll be in touch. Let’s get a strong prayer guide into place so we can move in unified intercession.

The truth is, where the body of Christ is concerned, we are all one body. One in God’s eyes and purchased with the same costly price of Christ’s sacrifice. We are under His watchful care and we carry the same values of sacrifice, love and forgiveness.

As I have in my recent blogs, I am sharing a resource list for you. You may not have time for all of the resources but go ahead and make time for at least one of them.

As Augustine said, “God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.”

Let’s be diligent to make the very most out of this amazing grace.

In His love and mine,


Resources For You:

– Melody Green. My long time friend and International leader and songwriter Melody Green has written an insightful perspective, you can access here:

Click Here To Access

—Emmanuel Acho, NFL player has done a powerful 13 minute interview Matthew McConaughey on YouTube, “Uncomfortable conversations with a black man.”

– John Dawson: Global specialist on reconciliation between the race is offering
his amazing teachings for free for a limited time.

Click Here To Access

We love to hear from you. If this touched you, let us know by leaving a comment!

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