Dear Friend,

I hope you are doing well and staying cozy in this bone chilling weather.  I am sending you a hot cup of cocoa along with a spiritual tip to help warm up your prayer closet.
A couple years ago the Lord nudged me to start reading one Proverb each day from the Old Testament. By the end of the year I had read through the book of Proverb’s 12 times.
When I was done, He seemed to indicate that I should continue. So I did. By the end of the 2nd year two things happened. One was an increase of radiant wisdom that was blessing people left and right.
The other was a new habit I had started where I selected one or two verses from the proverb of the day to pray over myself and my immediate family.
What a huge help this has been in praying for my family.
There are 31 Proverbs in the Bible, so there is a proverb for each calendar day. I listen or read the proverb of the day and when I am doing that, I see what verse jumps out to me.
Then I use that verse (s) to springboard into prayer over myself, my daughters and son in law. I may or may not increase the circle of my prayer focus to my extended family depending on my time.
However praying over our immediate family everyday is a minimum standard you and I should be hitting.
So, we have made a short audio clip below and I picked a verse from Proverbs 18 (since today is February 18th) and I’ve prayed it over my family. That way you can hear what I’m talking about. This is so simple and gets you in His word and into His presence all at the same time.
You could also write down the verse and then write out your prayer as well. Just figure out what works for you, then get to it. 
Your prayers will secure blessings in these unpredictable times, that your family needs. If you are single, pray for your siblings and your parents (or parent figures).


Your prayers are powerful. That’s why the demonic forces will bump you into doing anything and everything else, except pray.
Resist this. Get a grip. Let’s increase the priority of prayer.
“Let us then approach God's throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.”- Hebrews four: 16
Also I have started a prophetic word for you every Tuesday and it’s posted on my social media platforms. So be sure to join me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.


In His love and mine,



Kathleen Dillard