I hope this note finds you in good health. Your prayers will play an important role in the battle of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Here is an outline of prayer targets for you. As you read these, you will find that some of them capture your attention more than others.

Focus your heart and faith on the ones that jump out to you.

As you pray keep your ears open in case God wants you to get involved in practical ways. As He often inspires us to bring constructive and creative help to the things we pray about.

Your prayers will engage in a spiritual battle. This is a war of life and death with eternal outcomes hinged on it. Ephesians 6

“And when you pray say, ‘Father, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come.'” – Jesus

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic prayer targets.

Frontline soldiers who are in harms way:
• Emergency room & intensive care nurses & doctors.
• Paramedics, police & first responders.

Leaders making decisions which affect lives:
• President Trump & the national CV task force.
• All those in authority from State Governors to local mayors.
• International leaders & their cabinets.

The intelligence War:
• Doctors researching workable treatments.
• Scientists working on a vaccine.

The War Economy:
• Business leaders & companies producing life-saving equipment.
• Innovators & inventors finding alternative solutions.
• Real unity as we move forward as one to defeat this enemy.

The War at home:
• Families who are grieving right now & those who have loved one’s fighting for their lives,
• Families confined in stressful situations or with underlining medial issues.
• Spouses & families trapped at home with their abusers.
• Those who have lost their jobs.
• People with mental health issues.

The Propaganda War:
• That lies will be exposed & truth will prevail in media & politics
• The real source & spread of CV will be highlighted
• Real national unity in the common fight. God has placed people in nations for such a time as this.

We will move forward. We will prevail. God has not abandoned us.

We need to not be defined by the crisis itself, but defined by our courage in facing it.” – Susan Grande

May the church shine as a bright light in these dark times.

In His love and mine,


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