Dear friend,

A global siren is sounding its alarm. Can you hear it? This isn’t business as usual. That’s why I am sending a 911 call to all mothers and grandmothers. It’s time for you and I to take a serious stand in prayer.

I once heard a preacher say, “No prayers are more dangerous than the prayers of a mother and a grandmother.”

Since then I have repeated this in many pulpits in the United States and S.E. Asia. Have you heard the saying,“mother bear”?

Mother bears are attentive and protective. They will fight to the death if they need to in order to protect their young. The mother bear’s fieriness is something God put in human mothers too so we would be ready in times of danger.

I remember a time of danger one afternoon when I was out walking a friend’s young son in a stroller. All of a sudden there was such a rush of ferocious barking from the neighborhood dogs I had to make a plan of action. If these dogs charge us, I will throw my jacket over this child and I will jump into a fight with them. All I knew is, “they won’t be touching this child. Not on my watch!”

The mother bear's fieriness is something God put in human mothers too so we would be ready for danger

There’s a vicious fight on right now across the world. There are rumors of wars. A global pandemic. Uprisings. Violence. Restlessness. Race riots. Border tensions between world powers. The earth is crying out.

This is a time to storm into His unshakeable throne-room and to arise like a mother bear.


“Human suffering anywhere concerns men and women everywhere.”
― Elie Wiesel


So, I’d like to take a moment to run over the basics in this call to action. If you feel I missed something, please leave a comment for all of us to see.

Call to Action

Our prayer life needs to be red hot right now. A fueled up fire that is burning bright and ready to seize breakthroughs.

Your Daily Prayer Check List :
Family, lift up each member of your immediate family (and bless your extended family too).
- Neighborhood, love your neighbors by saying a prayer over them each day.
- Your Nation, pray for those in authority, ask God to release wisdom, bless the economy, health, everything that’s on your heart. One minute can cover a lot of ground.

Your Weekly Prayer Check List:
- Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
- Pray for every missionary you know.
- Pray for one nation where the gospel needs to spread (anywhere in the Middle East; N. Africa; S.E. Asia).

If you don’t have a country that the Lord’s highlighted to you, why not sign up at:
This site leads you in bi-weekly prayer for the unreached people groups of the Himalayas.

- Or download the app:
Unreached of the Day
And Joshua project will send you the photo and location of someone who needs your prayers.

Also, I have put a “BLESS” prayer card in the resource section below so you can have an outline of focal points for your prayer times. Print it out and put it in your bible or tape it up in a place you will see everyday.


UP Your Game In Prayer

The call I am making today, is a call the Lord Himself is sounding out.

Prayer is a privilege not a guilt trip. It’s an invitation into the throne room of the God who hears and rewards. Don’t wrestle with your inadequacy, just step towards Jesus and say, “Master, teach me how to pray.”

- Personal Prayer: keep it daily and strong. If you only have 10 minutes, make those 10 minutes count. You can also sing your prayers, C’mon.

If you can stretch your 10 minutes into half an hour or one hour, even better. Whatever your circumstances and limitations just show up and use what you have with 100% focus. Daily is your aim.

- Pray with someone else each week: Choose someone you’ve known for a long time and pray together for your families, your nation and global harvest.

This isn’t a time to talk about the problems. Come with a scripture verse and release the problems to the Lord in prayer, petitioning Him for solutions. And have a fixed time for your prayer phone call: 10 minutes, 30 minutes etc. and stick to it.

- Pray with your church or ministry prayer group: If something like this is available to you, go ahead and invest your time. Even if you can only do it once a month.

- Pray with a national group: be connected to the group that is right for you, and show up and be regular. Even if you can only make a commitment once a month, go ahead.

- Pray the News: if you are limited in your ability to get out and around, that’s okay, just turn on the news and pray over the news items for 15 minutes or 1/2 hour.

The call I am making today, is a call the Lord Himself is sounding out.

Let’s ‘pray attention’. And remember, for many of us, as we jump deeper into prayer, we are going to discover our next assignments on planet earth.

So don’t delay my friends…

the world is waiting for an encounter with Him.

May God’s extravagance surprise you.

In His love and mine,


Resource For You:
“BLESS” prayer card
- Print this out and put it where you can see it each day

We love to hear from you. If this touched you, let us know by leaving a comment!

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