“Live life when you
 have it. 
Life is a splendid gift –
 there is nothing
 small about it.”
~ Florence Nightingale

Dear friends,

I love this quote by Florence Nightingale. Life is indeed a splendid gift!

BioGraphics has a powerful testimony of Nightingale’s life, who moved mountains and climbed a few too.

If you need to hear a story that will strengthen your heart, watch this:

Nightingale made history by the time she finished her race. Florence was born into a rich family in 1820. In the Victorian era her only job was to marry well.

However she surprised her parents by turning down a marriage proposal and said she had to pursue her deep interest in nursing.

As she pursued her passion to serve the wounded and dying, she also got very sick. And at one point she never recovered her health or her beauty.

But this didn’t stop her. She worked tirelessly to change policies by writing letters to government and doing everything she could in her weakened condition to continue her work.

What about you? Think about Florence. She refused to give up.

Often times you and I need to persevere. In the end Nightingale was known as the modern pioneer of nursing. But true to the word ‘persevere’ the word severe is wrapped inside it.

Find grace from God to persevere. Finish your race with a steady and strong step.

And remember the saints overcome Satan, “by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.” Revelation 12:11

May the Lord meet you in His strong presence.

I have a short scripture reading for you. Drink in the water of His word.


In His love and mine,



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