Let God stretch you! I remember a certain story by Leonard Ravenhill where he talked about two men. They were out chopping wood in the intense heat of a summer’s day. One of the men decided to climb under his tree and sit back and sip a great, wonderful, icy cold glass of lemonade. And he enjoyed it so much that he just stayed under his tree while the other man was busy in the heat of the day hammering away at his job. So Leonard asked, “At the end of the day which man was stronger?”

You’ll have to think about it for a minute. One man was depleted while the other one was refreshed. But reality is one ‘feels’ stronger while the other became stronger. Because stretching increases your capacity.

I just feel like the Lord just wants to remind us to let Him take us out of our comfort zones; beyond your means, beyond your strength, beyond your capacity. Let God stretch you, because in the end you will come out with a lot more than you started with. Amen?