Dear friend,

Sending you hugs today. I hope you are doing well and getting along with God, yourself and others.

This morning I watched a message by T.D. Jakes. One of the things Pastor Jakes said is, “You’ve got to own your own happiness.”

One of the ways you can do that is by forgiving everyone who has offended you. Did you know that sometimes you get angry at someone but your issue isn’t even with them? When that happens it means you still have bitterness over the friend who betrayed you. It’s sitting inside you looking for a way to release some of the steam.

“How could they?!!” “What were they thinking?” “I can’t believe they would do that!”

If you find yourself with a lot of angry inner dialogue, why not take the time to find out what’s really bothering you. The Lord has peace, joy, creativity and laughter to fill your day. And you and I can access these things much easier when we don’t have a small volcano churning inside us.

“Forgiveness is a decision I make to obey God and to walk, as a life-style, in a higher realm by not allowing someone else’s actions or attitudes to dictate my actions or attitudes.”
Doug Easterday

This quote is in my free devotional, “Journey of Forgiveness.” There are lots of great stories and insights in this booklet.

Journey of Forgiveness

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So, I am going to invite you to a summer project, let go of your bitterness. Sweep the floors of your heart clean. Release your offense. Get help from heaven and start a new chapter. Become a better you. A freer you. With a long fuse, a skip in your step and a laugh in your voice.


You won’t regret it.

In His love and mine,


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