“No man is greater than his prayer life.”
~ Ravenhill

God has put some extraordinary people in my life. One of them was a radical revivalist named Leonard Ravenhill.

What a fiery preacher but when he prayed lightening seemed to drop out of the sky. There was so much power.

I remember attending a Friday night prayer meeting in East Texas which he lead. He was a spiritual grandfather to me and my community at Last Days Ministries. Leonard would allow each of us young people a chance to pray. But I couldn’t wait till it was Leonard’s turn. My bone marrow seemed to separate from my bone casing when he began to talk to God.

It seemed as if everyone in the room were little kittens, forcing out our tiny prayers. But Leonard’s prayer was like the roar of the tiger.

I wrote a small booklet outlining the impact Ravenhill had on my life. It’s filled with his teachings and some of the funny things that happened.

As Leonard often said, “No one has to advertise a fire.”

C’mon, jump in and let Jesus baptize you with, “the holy spirit and fire.”Luke3:16

In His Love and Mine,


Kathleen Dillard