Dear friend,

Wishing you a blessed August. May long awaited promises be fulfilled. May doors of opportunity be opened. And may your health be steady and vibrant.

Speaking of health, I was listening to a podcast by Bill Johnson and his son Brian. One of the things they talked about was mental health.

Mental health is as important as physical and spiritual health. I remember one of my colleagues overseas was going through a tough time when she blurted out, “I don’t need anyone else, except God.”

“Oh Oh,” I thought, that’s only half true. We are designed for friendship with God and with each other.

The problem comes when we are not getting along with ourselves. As soon as that happens it carries straight into our relationship with others.

One of the ultimate lies is, “I don’t need anyone else,” except God, or my career, or my dog, or my garden. 

In the situation with my friend, she needed to forgive some people. She also was lugging a bundle of disappointments. However God invites us: 

“Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you…”
Psalm 55


Tips for mental health hygiene:

1. Get in the habit of releasing your pressures and disappointments to God. He’s big enough to carry them. And He’s your Wonderful Counselor.

2. Forgive. And keep forgiving. Everyone. And yourself. And even God. Forgiving builds a bridge and keeps things moving. Unforgiveness builds a wall, creating isolation and stagnation.

3. Gratitude. Even when you don’t feel like it, open your mouth and start saying out loud the things you’re thankful for.

4. Rejoice. Make up a new song and thank God for being God. Thank Him for His personal caring. Thank Him for the sunset or the star-lit night. Rejoice. It’s a choice. Choose it.

Mental hygiene will take more effort in this season of coronavirus. But it’s effort with a big reward.

Pet a dog. Take a walk. If you’re isolated figure out how to meet up with a friend or two, following your local guidelines. Call someone. And: laugh, laugh, laugh. 

During the last week in August me and my staff are praying for you. Just send us your #1 prayer request, in 1 sentence because we’re just a handful of people. We will be happy to pray for you. You can send your prayer request to:

Praying a blessing over you now.


In His love and mine,


Resources For YOU:

1. Do you need help forgiving someone? Jump into this free devotional, thousands have experienced freedom by walking through this devotional: Journey of Forgiveness

2. Check out this podcast with Pastor Bill Johnson: The Importance of Worship

We love to hear from you. If this touched you, let us know by leaving a comment!

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