People in my neighborhood are planting gardens. Spring is here. I’m not a gardener but I love eating home-grown vegetables and fruit, don’t you?

The reality is that a pack of tomato seeds isn’t a basket of tomatoes. The photo on the front of the seed packet is only a promise of the good things to come.

Those good things come after a lot of your energy, time and attention is invested, right?

In the same way, when God sparks a Bible promise to you or someone gives you the perfect prophetic insight, you have a packet of SEEDS. Each carries all the ingredients of something solid and full of benefit, but they are just seeds.

A seed is the beginning of blessing. Like a pack of seeds, it is your invitation to participate. You must get to work. Pay attention and pray attention. Dig a hole. Watch for weeds. Add some water.

Are you holding a seed from God? I am.

Spring 2018…let’s set the stage for good things to grow.


In His love and mine,

Kathleen Dillard

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I was just thinking about my need for wisdom in a situation, when I clicked on this weeks’s WOW – amazing!” — Pam, Feb.12, 2018