I hope you’re staying warm and safe on the road as the weather changes.


As you and I roll into the holiday season I want to send out a little reminder: stay healthy my friend.


I am not talking about organic food, exercise or supplements. Because you already have enough reminders about that.


But  I am talking about stocking up spiritually. Grab your cocoa and listen to the Book of Joshua on Biblegateway.com


Or the story of Joseph. Or the amazing book of Daniel. Maybe just let the Psalms wash over you.


One of my secrets for filling up on the scripture  is listening to inspiring Bible based teachings on podcasts and youtube.


Right now I’m re-listening to Bill Johnson’s “The Beauty of Wisdom” series.


These days you can find most teachings on youtube. Thats where you can find Francis Chan, an inspiring Bible teacher. And you can access teachings by Leonard Ravenhill, Derek Prince, David Wilkerson, Keith Green, all amazing teachers who are in heaven now but their powerful messages still bring great treasure.




May you be richly blessed and filled up so you can be a blessing to others,



Kathleen Dillard