“I will not neglect your word.”Psalm 119:16b

How are you doing? Its been a snow day at my house in the mountains. I stayed off the road and next to a space heater.

Last night I listened through Psalm 119 at BibleGateway.com. It’s the longest Psalm in the Bible; and it’s packed with insight for your life.

The writer said, “I will not neglect your word.” Why? Here are 5 reasons right off the top:

  • You will be BLESSED.
  • You will not be put to shame.
  • You will walk in purity.
  • You will see wonderful things.
  • You will get strength in hard times.

Don’t you need that? Why not grab 15 minutes to read or listen to Psalm 119 and discover the good things God’s Word has for you. It’s worth your time.

Another thing that’s worth your time are the DAILY DEVOTIONALS I offer you for free. These are packed full of Scripture; so its another way you can fill yourself up with God’s Word.

Don’t delay:   

Stay warm wherever in the world you are and do yourself a favor, get in God’s Word.

In His love and mine,

Kathleen Dillard

P.S. We are getting closer to our website shift, where I will be closing the door on Prayercentral and moving to a new site that will be simple and easier to use. Thank you so much for your love and patience.