“He who sacrifices thank offerings honors me and he prepares the way, so that I may show him the salvation of God.” -Psalm 50:23

Today’s Word:

We are taught from God’s word to enter in His gates with thanksgiving in our heart and His courts with praise. However, the verse above in Psalm 50 opened up my eyes in a bigger way regarding the power of thanks: it’s your thanksgiving itself that’s the gateway through which He comes to you.

There’s something about thanksgiving that is fragrant. It’s an aroma that draws God’s attention in an irresistible way. I’m inviting and challenging you to set aside a nice chunk of time to lift up everything you are grateful for, and lavishly, extravagantly, thank Him. This spiritual exercise was so powerful and therapeutic for me.

The following five categories are ways you can show your gratitude to Him:

1. Preserve: Thank God for how He’s preserved you and your family.
2. Provide: Thank God for how He’s provided for you.
3. Purpose: Thank Him for all the ways He’s encircled your life with purpose.
4. Presence: Thank God for His very presence.
5. Prayer: Thank Him for all the answered prayers.

Remember to be lavish and take time for this. You’re going to find that it not only grants you a breakthrough for the things you’re looking for on the horizon, but you’ll find a shift that happens actually within yourself. It’s an amazing thing, just go ahead and do it!


“Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.” -Psalm 100:4

“You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, that my heart may sing your praises and not be silent. LORD my God, I will praise you forever.” -Psalm 30:11-12