Hello my friend,

The job market for the young workforce just slid out of sight. This is one of the many crises created by the coronavirus pandemic.

Help from heaven is the need of the hour.

Some of you have sons and daughters impacted by current events, others have grandsons and granddaughters. And friends. What can you do? Though I don’t know the answer to that question the one thing I do know is we can all invest some prayer into this.

Prayer impacts the outcome of everything. So it’s important not to skimp on it.

I’ve drawn out some prayer targets and included a prayer at the end, so we can press in together and lay hold of solutions. Amen?

Prayer Targets

Pray that there will be a wave of ingenuity that will open up new avenues to serve people and generate income.

Will power. Pray for an attitude of, “I won’t be denied no matter how hard things are.” Strength and resolve for those seeking employment.

Creative solutions. The ability to patch a couple things together that creates the income of a whole job.

Corporates: may the leadership of companies trouble shoot the need for employment and create positions within their companies to open a way for the young workforce.

Willingness. There may be times when the emerging workforce has to do menial labor and minimum wage jobs to bring in cash. For those holding a degree, this will be a stretch. Pray for flexibility and gratitude to embrace each opportunity.

– Vocational Training: for some it may be time to gather a skill in plumbing, electrical work, etc. and other trades that are in demand. Pray for open doors.

Women. Pray for special divine help on behalf of the female workforce who suffer more in seasons like this. Send blessings and favor over them.

Let’s Agree in Prayer:

“Jesus we stand together before Your throne of grace. You said we can come before Your throne with boldness and that’s what we do right now. As mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, as grandparents and friends today we are asking for job creation in America and across the world for the emerging workforce. We ask for a wave of open doors, for income generation opportunities and new ideas to serve communities that create jobs. At this time we declare, ‘in God we trust’ and we ask for heaven-sent inspiration and wisdom to be released over corporate leaders. You are the WayMaker and our eyes are on You Lord to intervene with supernatural power in our natural circumstances. We thank You that You hear our prayers and that You release rewards in response to our prayers. Thank you Lord, in Jesus name we pray.”

“…anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that
He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.”
– Hebrews 11:6

Thank you so much for praying.
Sending you love, hope and strength,


Let Us Know You Prayed! 


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