“We cannot always trace God’s hand but we can always trust God’s heart.”
~Charles Spurgeon


Did you know you can pray and still walk away carrying your burden?Think about it. What does this bible verse mean? “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1Pet.5:7

God opens His arms to us, so we can release all of our requests AND all the anxietty attached with it.

Often we do the first part but forget to do the second part.

If you take a shower without soap, you’ll still feel good. But not as good if you use water with soap. The same with prayer.

Try it. Present your requests to God then heave your stress into His hands too. You’ll feel so good after that.

And you’ll be ready to shine His love and life to everyone, everywhere, in this Christmas season.

In His love and mine,




Kathleen Dillard

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