Dear friend,

Putting on the armor of God is the need of the hour. You and I are embroiled in a spiritual battle, like it or not, ready or not.

God wants us to to be ready. And in Ephesians 6 the Apostle Paul describes our armor piece by piece. Read this chapter.

You might be strong in putting on your helmet but you leave your sword at home. You might have your feet shod with the gospel of peace sharing about the hope in Jesus. But you forget to put on the belt piece of truth.

Here is a prophetic word for you about this important topic.

“This is a season to strap on the full armor of God. Learn to use your armor, strap it on everyday. For this is not business as usual but a time of global shaking to prepare the way of My purposes.

You will be ambassadors of my salvation.
Emissaries of my truth.
You will leap over walls,
And command obstacles to fall…
So My great love can reach it’s destination.

Strengthen yourself in Me
secure each piece of your armor-
so you can stand against the schemes of darkness
in this season of upheaval
and rescue those who are captive.

Let your prayer be:
Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Nothing else.
Nothing less.”

In the resource section below I’ve listed out the purpose each piece of armor has for you.


But in your hearts sanctify Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give a defense to everyone who asks you the reason for the hope you possess. But respond with gentleness and respect.
– 1 Peter 3:15


In His love and mine,


Resource for you:

The Belt of Truth: keeps a soldier’s armor in place and if it’s big enough it can protect vital organ.

Breastplate of Righteousness: guards your heart.

Gospel of Peace: gives you protective footwear so you can navigate the hazards of a battlefield.

Shield of Faith: guards the warrior from being pierced by the enemy’s weapons.

Helmet of Salvation: protects our head so we can think straight and even strategically.

Sword of the Spirit: is an offensive weapon through which we can strike demonic forces.

For more details go to:

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