Are you getting in the Scriptures like you need to? This is a question I feel I really need to ask you right now. There are so many different things crying out for our attention and a thousand excuses of why we don’t need to be in His word daily. If we could trim back on a couple of other things we could definitely make room for it. It’s a priority, and there are many reasons why this needs to be in place.

I wanted to share with you this excerpt from a book called, “Mighty Prevailing Prayer” by Dr. Wesley Duewell, who talks about the importance of God’s word.

“A major reason for weak prayer lives is the neglect of God’s word. God’s word is basic to a militant life of prayer. The God who hears prayer is the God of the Bible. Prayer and the word are interrelated. Praying people love God’s word, and those who love God’s word long to pray, and love to pray.


“When you feed on God’s word, you will repeatedly find that your reading becomes prayer and you will always be so blessed by the word, that as you read, you begin to love the Lord, to thank Him, to praise Him, to ask Him to supply the word to your heart and fulfill it in your life, or you ask Him to fulfill a particular promise for you.


The word flows into prayer again and again almost before you realize it. “The more constantly that you feed on God’s word, the richer and deeper your life of prayer becomes. The word of God is the food that makes you strong to pray.”