“See I am doing a new thing. Now it springs up, do you not perceive it?”
-Isaiah 43:19

The Lord put it on my heart to tell you about what it means when He is doing a new thing. There are two components to new things. One is a bit unexpected, but it’s really part of the package: waiting.

In our daily lives, we do a lot waiting. We wait at stoplights, dentist appointments, doctor’s appointments, checkout lines, and gas stations – you name it. All of us have a measure of waiting in our lives. But when God is doing a new thing, one of the things that we don’t anticipate is this whole factor of waiting and yet; “Now it springs forth, but do you not perceive it?”

There’s a whole process of the “unfolding” of the new thing that sometimes requires time. Perhaps you are right in the middle of that. God promised a new thing, but for some reason it’s just not showing up at your front door. And so what do you do?

I have 5 tips for you if you’re in that place:

  1. You keep your attitude smelling good. Do I need to say anything else about this?

  2. Keep your eyes fixed on God.

  3. Don’t drift. (The only way not to drift is to stay in His word and to stay in worship.)

  4. Watch your mouth. Don’t complain or grumble, because God hates that.

  5. Be busy doing everything that you can possibly be doing, in the meantime. Be faithful in the land and cultivate faithfulness.