Dear friend,

Last week a friend sent me a list of her troubles, “I was sick; my mom’s house got flooded; I have a friend with cancer and liver failure; and my sweet dog just died. Life has been intense.”

Hard things seem to come either one at a time or in a clump. For my friend it was a great big clump of things.

I hope you can’t relate. But if you can, GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK. Begin to look  for ways you can catch your breath.

Even if it’s just 2 minutes where you go lean against a wall and let the weight of everything be lifted onto God’s shoulders. Do it.

Life doesn’t always give us breathing room but you can still TAKE IT.

Ask God for help. And when you get an inspired idea, go for it. The world won’t fall apart if you put your feet up and slowly drink a big cup of coffee.

It helps if you can take things one at a time. Even when theres a whole clump of them. “Cast all your burdens on the Lord because He cares for you.”

Staying On Point
• Know what your assignments are. Just because you know about something doesn’t mean it’s your assignment.
• Do what you can but not what you can’t.
• When you feel compassion, take a step in that direction.


Be careful to protect your mind. Avoid loading one thing on top of the other thing. Stacking things will make you feel overwhelmed…Cast your burdens upon the Lord. Each one. And try not to lug the clump. Because clumps are heavy.

Jesus is a way maker. And He will make a way for you.

Maintain life’s basics: eat healthy, protect your sleep, add some exercise, laugh (laugh laugh) and connect with others.

Leonard Ravenhill the famed British revivalist used to say, “you either come a part and rest for awhile. Or you come apart after a while.”

Do what you can and lean into to God who will take care of the rest.

May God’s lavish love enwrap you,Kathleen