Did you know theres a load of spiritual superfood waiting for you at Word of the Week?

If you’re wanting to build up your spiritual strength, this might be the exact resource for you.

Here’s what people are saying:

“Once again a very timely word . . . and much needed. I wish I had listened to WOW earlier today.”
– M.R.

“Thank you! I needed that. I have a difficult situation I need to confront with courage.”
– Marcia

“This was very inspiring. Thank you Kathleen!”
– Dotty


The Word of the Week audio messages are short, only 1-2 minutes, and packed with spiritual protein.

I’ve pulled out one sample for you. Listen and let the Lord minister to you:

Listen Now

You could make this a part of your Wednesday worship.

Or jump into the Word of the Week (WoW) archives and grab one and see what you get. I promise you it will be better than a fortune cookie.

Sending blessings over your head right now.

May God give you wisdom, peace and strategy in these challenging times.



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