“Satan loves to attack. And the first place he likes to attack is your mind.
The mind is the battlefield.”~Joyce Meyers
Hugs to you my friend. Have you ever had someone ask you, “Hey, what are you thinking?” This question is always funny to me.
Because you and I both know our minds are fast action olympic runners. So that question needs to be, “what are you thinking at this millisecond?”
The issue is the mind has to be managed and you are the only one who can manage YOUR mind.
When I first became a disciple of Jesus I heard some exceptional teachings by Denny Gunderson on this topic. He shared that your emotions follow what your mind is thinking. So, your mind leads the way and your emotions tag along.
If you can get this right, then a lot of other things fall into place.
And this is something worth THINKING ABOUT.
Meanwhile if you’d like to listen to a great teaching on this topic, go to Joyce Meyer’s here:
May the Lord meet you and encourage you.
In His love and mine,



Kathleen Dillard