Years ago I read something by A.W. Tozer that stuck with me.  He wrote, God is not a forgetful and permissive grandfather, He is a father. Wow,  Lord help me to get that right.
As I was praying for you these words came through. They are along the lines of Tozer’s thoughts. In fact I searched a bit to find his exact quote but couldn’t track it down. However I’m sure you get the idea.
“I am not your servant but I will serve you.  I am not your helper but I will help you. I am your good shepherd and I will guide you. I am your Lord and I will direct you. I am your king and I will rule you.  With love that never fails. With hope that prevails. With firmness that will bring forth your best. With kindness that will give you a renewed outlook. Keep looking up. Keep your eyes in my direction. My faithfulness will carry you through.”
If you’re looking for a good book, A.W. Tozer’s, “The Pursuit of God” is inspiring.
Keep the fire hot in your walk with God.
And others will join you.


In His love and mine,


Kathleen Dillard









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