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Letter of Endorsement from Melody Green, President of Last Days Ministries:

Hi! This is Melody Green, wife of the late Keith Green and President of Last Days Ministries. I am writing you today to share my thoughts about Kathleen Dillard. She is a dear friend and has been a ministry partner of mine since 1978 when she joined our Christian community in Woodlands Hills, California.

Both she and her late husband, Wayne Dillard, worked with Keith and I and helped us pioneer the ministry from Los Angeles to east Texas.

You may know Kathleen from her ministry updates, or from Prayercentral or you may have heard her speak somewhere.

 I have had a chance to watch her from the starting line when she first launched into intercession and her prophetic ministry. I have seen her impact in our Christian community at Last Days and benefited personally from the anointing on her life. There have been moments when I felt I wouldn’t have made it through some rough spots in my life without her prophetic input.

I call her one of “my heroes” in the faith. She has impacted thousands of lives in America and also in Southeast Asia. Her life, choices, and priorities embody the “no compromise” message that Keith and I brought forth.

I am asking you to pray and consider joining her as a monthly supporter. She is giving you an opportunity to invest in pioneering among regions where the gospel hasn’t reached. Doors are opening, but she needs your help. I would like to see her financial burdens shared by more believers so she can push forward in the work without financial strain.

Kathleen has my vote. I support her monthly and serve on her Prayercentral board and consider it a privilege. You have to same opportunity, so I’m asking you to give. Her ministry needs some serious thought and prayer.

Thank you so much for your time,

Melody Green

God moved like a tsunami during Kathleen’s time here at Christ’s Chapel. Her message on prayer laid a foundation for us as we move forward into the harvest.

Terry Crigger

Pastor , Christ’s Chapel in Erlanger, KY

Kathleen was a guest speaker at Jubilee Worship Center, the first week of September. She first shared at our women’s Bible study on Thursday morning and then again at the Sunday morning service. Having her testify to the goodness of God on the mission field inspired us all of His power to transform lives. Then both of her messages to us brought home the fact that God wants to use each one of us where we are and under His anointing. She ministered in her prophetic gifts to the congregation, and many to this day are re-visiting the powerful words given. She has endeared herself to our church, and we hope that she will visit again to minister when she’s in the area.

Carolyn Lee

Pastor , Jubliee Worship Center in Greensboro, North Carolina

Kathleen visited our church, and we haven’t been the same since. Her teaching and direct words not only convicted and confronted us, but inspired our staff and congregation to unite in prayer and action. It’s inspiring to meet a woman that not only speaks radical faith and obedience, but lives it as well. Her stories were amazing and they literally pull you into the truth and power of the Gospel. She never asked for anything but prayer, and actually gave monetarily and lovingly to our staff and congregation. It’s not often that you get to meet someone that you want to be more like that inspires you and challenges you.

Craig Moore

Pastor , Christ’s Chapel in Erlanger, KY

I am a pastor at Encinitas Beach Chapel in Encinitas, CA. We had the honor of recently hosting Kathleen at our Signs of the Spirit mid-week service. She encouraged everyone in attendance with accurate prophetic words and a loving challenge to be completely surrendered to Christ. She even prophesied over my wife and I that we were like ‘honey & mustard’ because we are completely different and yet compliment each other in life and ministry so well. She absolutely nailed it! That is us to a tee. That night she stayed ministering in compassion to all selflessly and gave tirelessly of herself. Absolutely everyone that wanted prayer – received it! She anointing she carries is very significant for/in the kingdom. We recommend that you host her too!

Jim Heidrick

Pastor , Encinitas Beach Chapel in Encinitas, CA

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