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I’ve been called a prayer warrior, a fire starter, an adventurer, an apostle,
a teacher, a visionary, a spiritual encourager and a guided missile!

Booking Kathleen for Speaking & Prayer Ministry

Thank you for your interest in having Kathleen at your event. It is quite an honor to be considered. 

Kathleen is ordained for ministry by 3rd Day Churches. She holds a B.A. in English Literature from Chapman College in Orange County, California.

Please submit the requested information below. Kathleen will review your request and be in touch with your next steps.

Kathleen In Action

What Others Are Saying

Kathleen Dillard is a dear friend, and has been a ministry partner of mine since 1978. Both she and her late husband, Wayne, helped Keith and I pioneer the ministry from Los Angeles to East Texas.

I call Kathleen one of my heroes in the faith! She has impacted thousands of lives in America and also in Southeast Asia. There have been moments when I felt I wouldn’t have made it through some rough spots in my life without her prophetic input. Her life, choices, and priorities embody the No Compromise message that Keith and I brought forth.

Melody Green

wife of the late Keith Green and President, Last Days Ministries

[Kathleen] encouraged everyone in attendance with accurate prophetic words and a loving challenge to be completely surrendered to Christ. Absolutely everyone that wanted prayer – received it! 

Jim Heidrick

Pastor, Encinitas Beach Chapel in Encinitas, CA

Kathleen visited our church, and we haven’t been the same since. It’s inspiring to meet a woman that not only speaks radical faith and obedience, but lives it as well. She never asked for anything but prayer, and actually gave monetarily and lovingly to our staff and congregation. 

Craig Moore

Pastor, Christ’s Chapel in Erlanger, KY

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