How are you doing? The last week August myself and my staff will be praying for you. We’re excited to invest in your journey with Jesus. And prayer is one of the best ways we can do that.

If you’re interested in this, what I need from you is your top 3 prayer requests. Keep your requests to 1 sentence per prayer need or shorter. Send your request now to: info@kathleendillard.com

The truth is you will be prayed for even if you don’t send in your prayer needs.

When we are praying for you, we’ll also be listening to God on your behalf.

Then at the end of the prayer week, you’ll hear from me again and I’ll share the things the Lord put on our hearts for you during our prayer times.

So, C’mon, send me your top 3 prayer requests.

We can’t wait to invest in your story through prayer.


In His Love and Mine,