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Just me and my Family

I’m a California girl at heart, born in Illinois but raised in Los Angeles.. I’m ordained for ministry by 3rd Day Churches. I hold a B.A. in English Literature from Chapman College in Orange County, California.

I’m the mother of two wonderful women who share my passion for God and love for people. Julia and Jessica are my greatest treasures on earth and together we love, laugh and laud the way forward for each other.


 Spiritual DNA – in her words

“A friend wrote this recipe, which pretty well sums up who I am.”


Recipe for Kathleen

10 cups each of Laughter, Courage, Chutzpah,
and Wonder

20 cups Energy

30 cups Spiritual Authority

1 Lion’s Heart

16 chocolate bars

40 cups of coffee

7 Tablespoons cayenne pepper

Mix well with Water from the Word, red dirt from East Texas, sunlight from California, spices from Delhi, colors from Kashmir and wind from the High Places.

Pour into a plain, clay vessel. Cover with a golden cloth of prayer. Bake for several decades.

Serve to a hungry world (best accompanied by a sparkling glass of prophetic punch.)

I am a runner, a disciple of Jesus Christ, who hurtles forward through life at a fast pace. I run because the harvest among unreached people groups of the world is accelerating. I set my pace to run alongside the Lord of the harvest.

I am an art connoisseur. When I meet new people, I’m eager to uncover their spiritual design. I want to know what God has breathed into them, what colors they add to the brilliant tapestry of His Kingdom.

I am most passionate about three things: my friendship with God, my two daughters, and my calling, which is to guide people into authentic encounters with the Living God.

I am an unashamed, laughter-loving, follower of Jesus, and an ENFP on the Myers-Briggs test.

My hobbies include traveling the world via planes, trains, automobiles and an occasional yak. I pray. I listen. I read. I speak. I write. I teach. I call others forth into the strategies of the King.

My favorite luxury is being in, upon or anywhere near the oceans. My nickname is Ka-Pow (code name for “spiritual dynamite”).

I’ve been called a prayer warrior, a fire starter, an adventurer, an apostle, a teacher, a visionary, a spiritual encourager and a guided missile!

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