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Ice-Breaker and Way-Maker

Kathleen Dillard, an “ice breaker and way maker,” has 35 years of experience serving Christ as intercessor, prophetic voice, writer and teacher. She travels the world to speak to churches and ministries, set up prayer initiatives, strategize with church planters and give spiritual counsel to business and secular leaders, bringing a Kingdom perspective for the sake of the Gospel of Christ.

“No man is greater than his prayer life.”
Leonard Ravenhill

President of Take It To The King Ministries, a nonprofit Christian organization, Kathleen forges into regions of the world resistant to the gospel. She equips and networks God’s message takers on site, empowering them to minister to the nations.

From her home base in Colorado, Kathleen travels 70% of the year, spending a good part of that in S.E. Asia. She maintains an office in the region, from which her ministry focus has flourished for the past two decades. She fulfills her spiritual calling under Christ’s direction among the nations-over 20 to date. 

Before she and her husband established Take It To The King Ministries, Kathleen and Wayne (now deceased) participated together in founding Last Days Ministries, a Christian organization started by Keith and Melody Green in 1978. While Wayne served in leadership from 1978 to 1991, Kathleen became a prophetic voice and intercessor. Although her emphasis in the ministry came to be intercessory prayer, Kathleen also taught in the Intensive Christian Training schools, where she also served as a spiritual counselor with staff and students.

Prayercentral, the I.T. Mission 

Prayercentral was pioneered by Kathleen’s late husband Wayne Dillard who aimed to create a prayer space for believers to encounterGod.

The goal is to equip, inspire and empower grass root believers for exploits in His kingdom. Kathleen and her team continue this work today.


The Field Mission

GO into regions that are resistant to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

DESIGN spiritual strategies to achieve breakthroughs.

TEACH on the impact of prayer for breakthroughs, the role of worship, how to identify points of resistance and how to receive strategies based on relationship with God.

ADVOCATE intercessory focus for unreached people groups to the global body of Christ.

CREATE TOOLS to connect believers in heartfelt informed prayer that will increase their involvement and secure spiritual tipping points.


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The Printed Page

(written by Kathleen Dillard unless otherwise noted)

“Journey of Forgiveness” (Hindi and English)

“Draw Near” (Hindi and English)

“In His Name” and “ABC’s of Prayer” by Wayne and Kathleen Dillard (17 languages)


Online Books and Devotionals

Several articles for Last Days Ministries in the 1980s


Two articles in the Women of Destiny Bible, Thomas Nelson, 1999

“Pray for an Avalanche of His Spirit in High Places!” Global Prayer Digest of the U.S. Center for World Mission (November 2013)

“Incense At The Altar” in In Light of Eternity: The Life of Leonard Ravenhill by Mack Tomlinson, Free Grace Press, 2010

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