I pray. I listen. I read. I speak. I write. I teach.
I call others forth into the strategies of the King.

Hurtling Forward

For the Harvest among unreached people groups of the world

I am a runner, a disciple of Jesus Christ, who hurtles forward through life at a fast pace. I run because the harvest among unreached people groups of the world is accelerating. I set my pace to run alongside the Lord of the harvest.

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I’ve been called a prayer warrior, a fire starter, an adventurer, an apostle, a teacher, a visionary, a spiritual encourager and a guided missile!

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Recent Posts

Being Stable in an Uncertain World

Being Stable in an Uncertain World

“We must meet the uncertainties of this world with the certainty of the world to come.” A.W. Tozer.  I love this quote from A.W. Tozer. You and I can bring the certainty of our citizenship in heaven into a world that is rattling beneath uncertainty. He is Immanuel,...

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Freedom & Forgiveness

Freedom & Forgiveness

Word of the Week Kathleen Dillard · Freedom and Forgiveness Any given day we can experience a sharp offense that jabs at our heart. We may find it festers if we simply try to ignore it! Listen to today’s WOW for a brief encouragement that can preserve your joy!...

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Don’t miss it! Historic prayer event.

Don’t miss it! Historic prayer event.

Dear Friends, Prayer makes things happen. Mountains move. Darkness flees. Truth prevails. Obstacles evicted. Angels dispatched. Seeds grow.  And that’s why I want YOU TO KNOW about the May 7-28, 2023 Isaiah 62 Prayer and Fast world-wide event. This level of prayer for...

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“No man is greater than his prayer life.”     

Leonard Ravenhill