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Our Purpose

Prayercentral was pioneered by Kathleen’s late husband Wayne Dillard who aimed to create a prayer space for believers to encounter God. The goal is to equip, inspire and empower grass root believers for exploits in His kingdom. Kathleen and her team continue this work today under the new website

The Field Mission

  • GO into regions that are resistant to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • DESIGN spiritual strategies to achieve breakthroughs.
  • TEACH on the impact of prayer for breakthroughs, the role of worship, how to identify points of resistance and how to receive strategies based on relationship with God.
  • ADVOCATE intercessory focus for unreached people groups to the global body of Christ.
  • CREATE TOOLS to connect believers in heartfelt informed prayer that will increase their involvement and secure spiritual tipping points.

To learn more about her ministry and to schedule a speaking engagement for your church or ministry: Contact Kathleen

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