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Kathleen Dillard

Day-2 Forgiveness from Sin

Intro: Jesus shed His blood for you, so you could be cleansed from your sin. That forgiveness covers every sin, the small sins and the big ones. It cannot be earned, it can only be accepted as a free gift. As you read these scriptures, humble yourself before God. Let...

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Day-3 Adoption into God’s Family

Intro: God has adopted you into His family and accepted you as His child. Jesus not only saved you from your sins but He restored you to intimate relationship with God the Father. This is a very great gift. The fact that it is free and undeserved makes it hard to...

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Day-4 God Loves You

Intro: God is the only One Who has ever loved you with a perfect love. His love has nothing mixed with it. God’s love is pure. He has no other motive in His kindness to you. He just loves you, that’s all! Allow these scriptures to soak this truth deep into your heart....

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Day-5 Free Access to God’s Throne

Intro: God sits on His throne high above the heavens and the earth. However as His child you have His listening ear whenever you need it. The door to His throne room is open wide to you through the sacrifice of Christ. You can come before the Father boldly, bringing...

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Day-6 God’s Provision

Intro: God is a loving Shepherd, Who constantly has your well-being on His heart. Whatever you need, God has an abundant supply. Learn to depend on Him. You will see His faithful answers to your prayers. Read over these scriptures and let God’s word paint a fresh...

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Day-7 His Purpose for Our Lives

Intro: Jesus has a plan for you. He longs to guide you into His holy purposes for your life. You were created for His glory, to be an expression of His love and light in this fallen world. Be encouraged as you read these bible verses. He will guide you each step and...

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Day-8 The Magnificence of God

Intro: God is personal and intimate, but He is also exalted high above every other name. Let your heart focus on His greatness and majesty. Sing a new song to Him. As your eyes behold Him in wonder, your faith will be strengthened to believe for the impossible....

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Day-9 The Generosity of God

Intro: Giving is the joy of God’s heart. It brings God pleasure to give and provide. Open your heart and learn to receive His goodness yet more and more. What a treasure to have a God that is so generous. Consider these scriptures and think of the many ways He...

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Day-10 The Fellowship of God

Intro: Christ’s blood purchased intimate access into the God’s Presence. God is a Father Who delights in spending time with His children. There is no greater honor in all creation than to have fellowship with Him. Allow these scriptures to inspire you afresh to enjoy...

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